Charlie Kirk Steals D-Day Valor: 'MAGA Is Fighting Nazis'

Charlie Kirk, the dimwitted Christian nationalist, white supremacist, and unabashed Trump apologist, told an audience waiting to hear from Felon 45 that the MAGA cult is fighting the same totalitarianism that the world fought in World War II. No, really.

CHARLIE KIRK: They were fighting against totalitarianism. Fighting against a dictatorship. But 80 years later, if we are honest with ourselves, that very same totalitarianism is now here in this country.

The very same dictatorship that our leaders were fighting, our greatest generation was fighting against, are now here in this country.

These creeps are using the millions of dead soldiers and innocent human beings fighting against Hitler to justify their existence.

It’s just like a good little Neo-Nazi to try and disassociate himself with his Nazi hatred by foisting their beliefs onto their political rivals.

Trump and the MAGA cult want to rid themselves of the U.S. Constitution and US democracy and set up a theocracy subservient to no one other than the feeble mind of a convicted felon, sexual abuser, and traitor to the US of A.

Like Hitler before him, Trump is surrounded by crackpots and seditious traitors wrapping themselves around the Bible.

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