Four out of 10 used car dealers have trained staff to sell EVs

More than four out of 10 used car dealers (43%) have undertaken formal training to show staff how to sell electric vehicles (EVs), new research shows.

Also, a third (34%) are planning more training while a further third (34%) have had no training but have “picked up a lot of knowledge” shows March’s new Startline Used Car Tracker.

Paul Burgess, Startline Motor Finance chief executive, said: “In the last month, we have reached a point where there are a million EVs on UK roads and, while this is still a small percentage of the overall car parc, it also shows they are becoming a normal part of the used market.

“What our research indicates is that many dealers are responding to this situation quite positively. They recognise that car buyers have a lot of questions about EVs, ranging from the overall technology to facts about specific models, and have undertaken appropriate training.

“To us, these percentages are encouragingly high and the intention to carry out more training in the future is also a very positive sign. It looks as though large numbers of dealers are readying themselves and their sales staff for the ongoing process of electrification.”

However, Startline’s research also shows that almost one in five dealers (18%) say they have gaps in their knowledge while 10% say that their staff are nervous when it comes to answering car buyers’ questions about EVs.

Burgess added: “Some dealers are understandably anxious about EV sales. It represents a massive shift in used car technology, and there is potentially quite a lot to learn when it comes to types of batteries, charging, range and longevity – but the time to start learning is now.”

The Startline Used Car Tracker is compiled monthly for Startline Motor Finance by APD Global Research and was based on the responses from 304 consumers and 61 dealers.

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