Fox News Host Corners Tom Cotton: Isn't Trump Just 'Rewarding Putin?'

Fox News host Shannon Bream noted Sunday that former President Donald Trump’s plan for Ukraine meant that Russian President Vladimir Putin was getting “what he wanted.”

Bream discussed Trump’s second-term plans for Ukraine during an interview with Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) on Fox News Sunday.

“You talk about annexation, so I want to bring this up because there are reports that what President Trump plans to do to end that conflict is to potentially push Ukraine to give up Crimea, parts of Donbas,” Bream noted. “If that is the plan, do you agree with that strategy, and would that be rewarding Putin in order to wrap this thing up in the way that he intended to start it and take some of that territory? Is that just giving him what he wanted?”

Cotton refused to say if Bream had accurately explained Trump’s strategy.

“Well, Shannon, President Trump and his campaign has said that any reports of plans like that are not authorized and they’re not coming from the President himself,” Cotton opined. “Furthermore, President Trump has said that he strongly supports Ukraine’s strength and survival. He had a strong relationship when he was in office with President Zelenskyy.”

The Arkansas lawmaker claimed, “[Trump] provided Ukraine the weapons they needed to fend off this Russian invasion that happened in large part because of Joe Biden’s weakness.”

Cotton failed to point out that Trump illegally withheld weapons from Ukraine while trying to force Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to find dirt on President Joe Biden.

“I don’t think President Trump wants to prejudge what the situation will be come January, nor do I, in part because we have no idea how much worse Joe Biden can screw things up,” Cotton concluded.

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