Hannity Floats Notion That Trump Should Back Out Of The Debate

You know Hannity didn’t do this without being directed to by Dear Leader. On this Monday’s Hannity, while continuing to push the ridiculous notion that Biden will be replaced as the Democratic presidential nominee, and after being shot down on that assertion by his guest Mark Penn, Hannity suggested that maybe Trump should back out of the June debate after repeating the right-wing attack on Biden that he was supposedly “jacked up” during the State of the Union address.

HANNITY: It’s obvious this guy is a mumbling bumbling stumbling fumbling, you know, can barely string sentences together, however, I do take Tomi’s admonition really seriously. I think we’ll see the return of jacked-up Joe. Whatever Joe drank, ate, took before the State of the Union, maybe it was just Red Bull and caffeine pills. I don’t know.

Whatever it was, that was not the normal Joe. We never saw it before and we haven’t seen it since. But we will see it for the debate. Now, there are some even saying Mark that Donald Trump might be wise to just pass on the first debate, wait until he’s nominated, then debate him. What would you say to that?

Penn responded that maybe Trump should have “done some better negotiating” but he can’t back out now “without really looking cowardly,” which is true. You know he’s looking for a way to get out of it or he wouldn’t have his media surrogates like Hannity testing the waters for him and already making excuses for why he should back out of the June debate and pretend he’ll debate later.

That seemed to be the consensus on Xitter as well:

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