Ron Johnson Is Unclear On The Concept Of 'Jurisdiction'

Senator Ron Johnson (Q-Moscow) went on Newsmax to whine to Rob Schmitt about how “unfair” the judicial system is because they charge and try people in the place the alleged crimes occurred:

The jury pool came out of an electorate that’s about 95% Biden voters versus 5% Trump. Whereas Hunter now, he’s being tried in Wilmington, Delaware. Last time I heard that was Biden country. And my concern is as much as we are hoping for one juror to have the integrity of the Trump trial to produce a hung jury, my guests still have no trouble finding a juror or two. They’ll just say, you know, it’s just not quite beyond reasonable doubt. I just can’t, Vic. So, I would be shocked, quite honestly, if there’s conviction here.

Someone also needs to point out to RoJo that Trump’s lawyers had every opportunity to question the potential jurors and had a say on who was on the jury. They didn’t raise any objections about it. Trump’s problem was that he was guilty as hell.

But to be fair, RoJo might have gotten a little spoiled, since the Republicans made it possible for them to not only go judge shopping but also jurisdiction shopping.

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